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Bet LiveStreams - NEW Features

A major injection of magic into live streaming that makes it exponentially more relevant to your entire customer base, to make live streams more entertaining and accessible, to more bettors.

Highlights from our betting live streaming portfolio:

Powerful new features to transform the live streaming sports betting experience


See how Instant Highlights is making every live stream more entertaining

Instant Highlights is our award winning live streaming feature which turns streaming from a passive into active experience. We’ve compiled a short but packed guide of interactive case studies featuring global operators bet365, Superbet, Winamax, and Goldbet. 



Instant Highlights

What if your customers knew they can replay the goals and key moments during live streams they’ve bet upon, but aren’t able to watch in full?

With Instant Highlights, the entertainment value of betting and watching live streams skyrockets.

This is a true customer experience game-changer.  Now your bettors don’t simply to see a live score, they can jump in a time-machine and rewind the key moments that matter.

In football this includes events like goals and penalties, shots and red cards. In tennis this includes our proprietary exciting point highlight, break points and set points.

Instant Highlights is currently available for over 12,000 soccer matches, and our entire WTA catalogue in our Bet LiveStreams portfolio.

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Instant Highlights Playlists

Instant Highlights Playlists combines exciting game highlights into an intuitive, customisable cross-game, cross-league experience for your customers that makes every game more accessible and entertaining.

Instant Highlights Playlists will automatically curate a highlights playlist of the 10+ match events we create highlights for (goals, shots, penalties and more) from the live games being streamed on your sportsbook. We’ve also built in customisation options so your customers can curate their own highlights playlists at a league, or highlight-level so they can build their own experience.

Instant Highlights Playlists is available for 50+ premium competitions worldwide, including Serie A, LaLiga, the Brazilian Serie A, the J-League, and more.

Build your own playlists experience using our API, or offer via our powerful Content Player Pro which puts additional pre-game and in-game content at your customers fingertips.

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See also our single-game Instant Highlights experience also detailed on this page.


Smart Stats Overlays™

Smart Stats Overlays™ helps you customise our Bet LiveStreams portfolio for your bettors’ needs, with contextual graphics, powered by Opta data, seamlessly displayed in the stream as the match unfolds. This brings them closer to the game, for teams they know and teams they don’t, making every live stream more relevant, to more bettors. Smart Stats Overlays™ graphics include:

  • Team and Player Shots and Opta Expected Goals (xG), providing objective insights into team and player goalscoring potential and supremacy, beyond what the scoreboard might say;
  • Total player fouls, corners, offsides, player passes and more to help bettors track bets and contextualise the odds
  • Match and player betting insights to illuminate the in-play action and help bettors make more informed decisions.

Smart Stats Overlays™ is available to Bet LiveStreams customers through our hosted Content Player, or via API for custom integration. Your users will wonder what they ever did without it.

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Interactive Smart Stats Overlays™

Our powerful new interaction engine on top of our live streams means your customers can now request, view and interact with real-time Opta statistics about the game and team and player statistics on-command. Making every stream more informative and helping bettors make confident in-play betting decisions for every single live stream.

We’re also making it possible to add your live prices into our interaction engine, so your customers can view and add bets to your bet slip from directly inside the stream seconds after they’ve viewed stats about a game.

Build your Interactive Smart Stats Overlays™ experience using our API, or offer via our powerful Content Player Pro which puts additional pre-game and in-game content at your customers fingertips.

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Light Up LiveStreams with Instant Highlights and Smart Stats Overlays™

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