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Stats Perform and Equifax Join Forces for Efficient Affordability Checks

By: Stats Perform

Stats Perform, the pioneer in sports data technology and AI, has announced on 10 January a partnership with Equifax UK to deliver more efficient affordability checks to licensed sports betting, slots, casino and bingo operators.

Equifax UK will provide access to affordability data as part of the new service, which will allow sports betting and gaming operators to streamline their approach to affordability without the associated player inconvenience, benefitting both gaming operators and their customers. This will help ensure that operators have the information they need to help protect consumers, deliver quicker decisions and better customer experiences.

Here’s what Alex Rice, Chief Commercial Officer at Stats Perform, had to say about the partnership.

“Our strategy for intuitive affordability-checking technology is the result of many conversations with our customers in the gaming industry. We’re delighted to have found a deeply trusted partner in Equifax and look forward to helping our existing clients and the wider betting and gaming operator sector as they strive to improve consumer experiences and address affordability challenges.”

Carl Riches, Sales Director at Equifax UK, added:

“Stats Perform has a long history of using technology to help the businesses of sport be more entertaining, more accessible and more trusted. This, together with their deep connections in the regulated gaming industries, makes them the ideal partner for Equifax. We’re confident that sports betting, slots, casino and bingo operators will immediately see how our new service will improve and overcome the challenges of previous solutions.”

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