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The fantasy sports data engine

Extensive player statistics, predictions, news, and personalised player performance recaps. Major and minor global sports leagues. We are proud to help entertain millions of sports fans as the trusted power behind the world’s leading daily fantasy and season-long fantasy games. Proud member of the FSGA.


Powering Fantasy GAMES WORLDWIDE

Game-Powering Data and Content

Our unique combination of historical depth, live detail and broad coverage makes Stats Perform data the ideal choice for your fantasy game.

As trusted providers to leading fantasy games such as the Fantasy Premier League, The Telegraph, DraftKings, World Rugby and many more, across multiple sports, we understand how important engaging and retaining users is to the success of your fantasy game. Through a combination of our rich data, which offers you greater options and more categories, and varied, quality content, we can take your fantasy game to the next level.



Trusted Data in Fantasy Sports

Peter Schoenke is a pioneer in the fantasy sports industry. He co-founded RotoWire in 1997 and as the business grew, Schoenke needed a reliable partner to provide data quickly and accurately to keep his customers informed around the clock. Since then, RotoWire has relied on Stats Perform’s data feeds and constant innovation to continue growing RotoWire during the fantasy sports industry’s evolution.

Play Rotowire’s Peter Schoenke on Fantasy Sports Data
Rotowire’s Peter Schoenke on Fantasy Sports Data (01:27)

Extensive Data Collection Provides Projections for Every Player

Proprietary algorithms from AI-based data collection produce the industry’s most accurate player projections for season-long and daily fantasy sports competitions for all major sports.

Customise Your Projections Package

Interactive Product Finder

Stats Perform offers hundreds of captivating products to engage and entertain sports bettors, fantasy players and sports fans, powered by our famous Opta brand. Quickly find the best ones for your use case from our specialist range. Check back often to see what’s new!


Case study

How Magnus Carlsen Powered His Way To Fantasy Premier League Success

Stats Perform’s advanced metrics can help you better understand a player or team’s underlying performance, playing style and approach – ideal for Fantasy analysis.

Indeed World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen, revealed that he uses Opta data to pick players, taking advantage of our advanced metrics to predict who might play well. Carlsen attributes part of his success to Opta, helping to power him to the top of the FPL leaderboard.



Award-Winning Fantasy Projections for Your Platform

Give your customers the most accurate fantasy projections on the market.

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