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Award-Winning Fantasy Projections

Extensive coverage in data collection and award-winning predictive analytics models provide fantasy platforms and media outlets with predictions they can trust.


A Trusted Resource in Fantasy Sports

Peter Schoenke is a pioneer in the fantasy sports industry. He co-founded RotoWire in 1997 and as the business grew, Schoenke needed a reliable partner to provide data quickly and accurately to keep his customers informed around the clock. For nearly a decade, RotoWire has relied on STATS’ data feeds and constant innovation to continue growing RotoWire during the fantasy sports industry’s evolution.

Play Rotowire’s Peter Schoenke on Fantasy Sports Data
Rotowire’s Peter Schoenke on Fantasy Sports Data (01:27)

Extensive Data Collection Provides Projections for Every Player

Proprietary algorithms from AI-based data collection produce the industry’s most accurate player projections for season-long and daily fantasy sports competitions for all major sports.

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Natural Language Generation

Engaging, Personalised Fantasy Recaps

Wordsmith platform uses natural language generation (NLG) to transform fantasy football data into draft reports, match previews, and match recaps. The platform generates millions of stories each week of the season, essentially giving every fantasy owner a personalised sports reporter writing about their team.

Yahoo!’s fantasy football content offers users a rare mix of personalisation, insight, and with — deepening brand advocacy amongst fans. The customer-centered content increases the value of Yahoo’s sponsorships and ad space.

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Award-Winning Fantasy Projections for Your Platform

Give your customers the most accurate fantasy projections on the market.

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