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Various infographics displaying automated sports statistics graphics generated using Opta data

Opta Data Feeds

Direct Access to magic that helps the world’s top clubs, federations, broadcasters, media, bookmakers and brands win audiences, customers and trophies

Power Your Platforms With Opta Data

The world’s leading teams, broadcasters, media, apps, bookmakers and brands use Opta data to transform sporting magic into sports content, analysis and insight which powers audience growth, increased revenues and on-field success.

Enrich your sports analysis and power captivating experiences that bring fans closer to sport with our globally-trusted, expertly-collected Opta data feeds, with everything from basic fixture information to AI-powered predictions.


Various infographics displaying automated sports statistics graphics generated using Opta data
Fans cheering at Luzhniki Stadium during the game between Russia and Saudi Arabia during the world cup 2018

Opta. More Than a Fast Score

Opta is our data and it’s more than a fast score, fixture or a game result. Our deep and broad data sets are collected with incredible accuracy in real-time; providing consistent, structured and detailed data that powers our proprietary AI models. It’s that level of depth and sophistication which allows our clients to go deeper, cover more sports, tell better stories more often, and do all of that when it matters most.

Opta represents the universal language of sport. A massive engine of real-time sports data which feeds the global sports platforms which sports fans go to and trust.


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Our Collection Methodology

Opta’s data is recorded, analysed and distributed using a bespoke system that allow us to collect data at the highest level of detail, live, for a range of sports.

Data collection is carried out by our expert data analysts in hubs located around the world and supported by in-stadium analysts. This information is stored in our extensive database and distributed to clients around the world.

None of this would be possible without our team of analysts. We invest significant time and effort in training them in our tools and methodology, guaranteeing quality and consistency across all the leagues and competitions we cover.

football analysts analysing a match on their computers in an office

How our Advanced & Predictive Metrics are Built

Our massive database of structured real-time Opta data provides the perfect platform on which to build our advanced metrics. AI predictive models evaluate thousands of data points across decades of historical, in-season, and in-game data.

Models adjust and transform with data inputs of all kinds, including:

  • Game location and conditions – home advantage, time of day, regular season vs playoffs
  • Team-specific data – team strengths and weaknesses, historical matchup performance, recent matchup performance
  • Player-specific data – player strengths and weaknesses, historical and recent matchup performances
  • Game Situation – current score, time remaining, regular time vs overtime
Various infographics displaying automated sports statistics graphics generated using Opta data

Go Further Into The Magic With Advanced & Predictive Opta Metrics

Opta Vision – Providing the Complete Picture to Power Magical Analysis

Through a combination of computer vision and generative AI techniques, Opta Vision provides dynamic XY field locations for all 22 players in the match, uninterrupted, from the kick-off to the final whistle.

  • Utilise raw Opta Vision tracking data, via feeds, to analyse every player’s change of pace, third man run and change of direction in a game, all synchronised to Opta event data.
  • Deliver new insights into every player’s physical performance, in a single game and across the season, with aggregated fitness data.
  • Enhance your pre-match and post-match team analysis by highlighting changes to each team’s shape, in and out of possession, at key moments.
  • Highlight the impact of pressure applied on the ball, by the defensive team, on the match outcome.
  • Better quantify the on-ball decision-making of players, based on the type of passes they choose, and choose not, to make.
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