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Creating the Ultimate Sports Betting and Fantasy Experiences

Every high-quality sportsbook and fantasy game chooses Stats Perform’s premium sports content to help them create more entertaining and trusted sports betting and fantasy experiences. Explore our products below.

More Entertaining Betting, More Confident Trading

The first and only betting data provider to be awarded IBIA Data Standards accreditation

Our accreditation is thanks to tireless quality and integrity efforts from our sports data operations teams over the past 15 years. We continuously search for new threats and assess opportunities to improve our sports data processes, people and technology.

Use our premium ultrafast data to supercharge your competitive advantage verus your competitors and elevate the betting experience for your bettors for 100,000+ events per year.


Featuring more than 25+ case studies on the fastest growing sports betting category.

Produced in conjunction with SBC News and award-winning digital agency, specialising in creating bespoke solutions for the online gambling industry gaming agency Degree 53. This guide outlines how sports betting operators have integrated player statistics betting into their markets, front-end and marketing efforts.

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Stay updated on competition rule and format changes that could impact your services

We share information from our global rights holder and data collection network to help keep you informed about proposed changes to league and competition formats and rules.


How Do The World’s Leading Sportsbooks Use Content?

All around the world, sportsbook operators innovate with content to acquire, activate and engage bettors for longer and create more entertaining betting experiences.

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From the action-filled excitement of the world’s most popular live sports streams, to the deepest, trusted sports data that enables bets and fantasy trades before, during and after games, and all the insight, news and player information in between. We help rightsholders, sportsbooks, pricing providers and fantasy operators boost the feelings of sport.

 But what if this is only the beginning?

 Deep within the world’s highest quality sports content engine lie layers of artificial intelligence that are already starting to reframe and revolutionise the way we experience and understand sport.

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A Trusted Sports Data Experience

Operating in an industry where consumer trust is paramount, FanDuel relies on Stats Perform to provide them with accurate and timely information. Hear Nik Bonaddio, Chief Product Officer at FanDuel, talk about the importance of their partnership with Stats Perform.

Play FanDuel Chief Product Officer on Stats Perform’s Product Innovation
FanDuel Chief Product Officer on Stats Perform’s Product Innovation (01:06)

Create the Ultimate Sports Betting Experiences

The world’s leading sportsbooks and their customers trust Stats Perform to make betting more entertaining.

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