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Create Eye-Catching, Scroll-Stopping Graphics in Seconds

Produce world-class visuals which combine 40 years of sports data with AI-Driven metrics to increase engagement and unlock sponsorship opportunities.

pressbox Graphics

A fully-integrated, customisable platform that builds dazzling graphics at scale.

PressBox Graphics allows you to create content across all platforms, whether it’s your website, social feed, broadcast coverage, in-venue screens or advertising.

Templates can be created to fit any specification, including design and default languages. With up to 50 pre-designed templates and uncapped user access, social teams are able to create a myriad of graphics while ensuring brand guidelines remain intact.

Still images, videos and GIFs are supported, allowing teams to produce a variety of content available for distribution across multiple channels.


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Creating visual content at scale

How can data and visual content combine to create powerful sporting stories?

Whether during a match, in the build-up or in the wrap-up process, creating visually engaging, data-driven content at scale can be difficult. Many content and social teams lack the time, dedicated resources, or proper software integrations to consistently produce data-driven visuals at scale. Our guide to creating visual content gives you a starting point to create engaging sports graphics; whether that’s for goal announcements, match previews or deep analysis.


Create visual content at scale

Produce real-time graphics that drive fan engagement across digital and social channels.

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