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Create Eye-Catching, Scroll-Stopping Graphics in Seconds

Produce world-class visuals which combine 40 years of sports data with AI-Driven metrics to increase engagement and unlock sponsorship opportunities.

pressbox Graphics

A fully-integrated, customisable platform that builds dazzling graphics at scale.

PressBox Graphics allows you to create content across all platforms, whether it’s your website, social feed, broadcast coverage, in-venue screens or advertising.

Templates can be created to fit any specification, including design and default languages. With up to 50 pre-designed templates and uncapped user access, social teams are able to create a myriad of graphics while ensuring brand guidelines remain intact.

Still images, videos and GIFs are supported, allowing teams to produce a variety of content available for distribution across multiple channels.



A New Engagement Solution Combining Engaging Visuals And Sports Data

The move is part of Stats Perform’s strategic focus on fan engagement and helping clients succeed in a highly competitive sports media market. By adding the 13 Strides products to the Stats Perform portfolio, clients will now have access to these powerful tools, in addition to the richest sports data and most advanced AI.

“Imagine the power of combining the world’s best repository of sports data, and the most advanced AI, with this simple and fast way to create engaging graphics,” said Carl Mergele, Stats Perform, CEO.

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How are our clients using PressBox Graphics

Our Clients use the platform in a variety of different ways to drive engagement with sports fans during the week, pre-match, in-play and once the game ends.

Take a look at our Twitter feed to see how some of our clients are using the platform to announce teams, rank players, make key announcements, share fixtures and much more. All of can be done seamlessly with great visuals at it’s core.


Visual Content in Sport

Visual content continues to grow in popularity with social networks and much of the online world becoming increasingly image-centric. Whilst sport has always existed as a visual medium within the match experience itself, marketers and content creators have become increasingly focused on trying to use visual content to grab the attention of their target audience beyond the match footage.


Take sports content creation on-the-go with our mobile integration for PressBox Graphics.

You can now create and share data-driven graphics straight from your mobile or tablet. Amplify your reach by sending professionally made content to your staff, player and influencer networks adding their distribution to your own.

Create brand-consistent graphics and designs as the action unfolds, beating your competitors to fan’s feeds and winning the race for their attention. Integrate advanced Opta Data through our data-driven stickers like live scores, heatmaps and goal sequences.


The Demo Series

Take an In-Depth Tour of this Product with an Expert

The Demo Series explores Stats Perform products and talks with experts on how those tools can help transform coverage, engage fans, and tell better sports stories. New videos are released regularly, so be sure to check back in so you don’t miss an episode!


Create visual content at scale

Produce real-time graphics that drive fan engagement across digital and social channels.

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