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The fastest way to uncover the story of the game

PressBox Live is an all-in-one data, research, and commentary assistant powered by our award-winning data and editorial.
Pressbox live

Advanced Data and Insights at your Fingertips

PressBox Live’s features bring speed and convenience to pre-match, match-day, and post-match support to tell more compelling stories faster than ever before​.

Insights that matterDelivered via live content stream, insights appear as fast as the action occurs, providing contextualised, ready-to-publish facts that identify the biggest talking points and reduce manual research time.

Advanced metricsPredictive metrics driven by AI, such as Expected Goals (xG) and Live Win Probability add new context to the match.

Live chat with experts – Allowing you to communicate directly with our world-class data editorial team and react before the game moves on.  

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Find the Stories you Need, Faster

Time is of the essence and PressBox Live’s features bring speed and convenience to pre-match and match-day support to tell more compelling stories faster than ever before.

Unparalleled speed – PressBox Live utilises Stats Perform’s lowest latency data feeds to ensure customers receive insights as soon as the action occurs.

Enhanced search – Quickly search for individual teams and across various dates to complete pre-match research all in a single platform.

Deep data visuals – Heatmaps, Average Positions, Chalkboard and Penalty History visualisations provide more detailed data points to allow for additional research around matches.

Powerful AI technology – With AI and Natural Language Generation technology built-in, PressBox Live functions as a real-time research assistant.

How Does PressBox Live Increase Fan Engagement?

Mere moments after a major event occurs, PressBox Live equips researchers, statisticians, and broadcasters with the necessary data and content they need to empower data-driven analysis and commentary.

Enhance Your Broadcast Content

Let PressBox Live help you provide your audience with an engaging fan experience that will keep them coming back every game.

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