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Stats Perform and FCS

Our experts dive deep into the Football Championship Subdivision, producing sponsor-able content, awards and events for hundreds of thousands of fans and alumni.

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Our FCS Coverage

Stats Perform have partnered with FCS for several years now with breakind news, detailed coverage of every down, docuseries, awards and the annual FCS Awards Banquet.

As the season closes at the FCS National Championship decider, former NFL players and FCS alums gather to honor winners for the Walter Payton Award, Jerry Rice Award, Buck Buchanan Award, Eddie Robinson Award and Doris Robinson Award. Learn how you can sponsor the annual event.

Play Stats Perform's 2020 FCS Annual Awards Banquet
Stats Perform's 2020 FCS Annual Awards Banquet (02:11)

Our Work With FCS

Nearly 160 FCS Players Were Part of NFL Rosters in 2018

The FCS produces quality football players, too. During the 2018 NFL season, 157 players from 71 FCS schools played the highest level of professional football. There are plenty of names you’ll recognize.


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Engage the hundreds of thousands of FCS fans and alumni nationwide while extending your brand’s reach.

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