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Sports data and content for digital and social

Discover the best ways to engage with fans across digital and social before, during and after the game through sports data and content.

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Detailed Data Brings Coverage to Life

Through our deep historical database, Sports Illustrated find compelling narratives and add insight to their stories.

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Play Sports Illustrated's Michael Phillips on Partnership with Stats Perform
Sports Illustrated's Michael Phillips on Partnership with Stats Perform (01:38)
WidgetS & Visualisations

Custom Visualisations for Sport

Inform fans, bring coverage to life and increase advertising revenues through customisable widgets easily placed on your digital property and visualisations such as infographics created from raw data.



Engage & Monetise Audiences

Omnisport covers the biggest stories, essential highlights, key press conferences and best viral clips from the world of sport. Our output is proven to engage audiences, helping you reach, retain and monetise sports fans.

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Play Omnisport Ready Video Services
Omnisport Ready Video Services (01:30)
Insights & Editorial

Content for Your Coverage

Cut through the noise with data-powered insights, receive bespoke content from our editorial experts and interrogate our historical database through tools to inform and power your coverage.

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Data feeds

Sports Data To Power Digital And Social Platforms

Stats Perform data powers sport experiences across all media types, including the world’s biggest websites, news outlets, betting brands, and mobile app


Create a Richer Digital Experience

Give your audience an experience that keeps them engaged before, during and after every game.

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