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Multi-Platform Sports Video

Maximise your sports rights spend and broaden your coverage through raw or fully produced sports video content.

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Stats Perform News provide video services across multiple formats; Uncut, Ready, Clean Ready and data-driven, offering digital publishers the most essential sports video content from around the globe, whatever the platform.

  •  Highlights, press conferences and behind-the-scenes footage from world sport
  • 12,000+ videos produced per year across multiple global sports
  • Covering multiple languages
01:26 Uncut Video Football Service
01:30 Ready Video Services
01:05 Clean Video
01:42 Yahoo on Using Stats Perform Content to Engage Fans
Jadon Sancho – Stats Perform Data Dive
Play Omnisport Uncut Video Football Service
Omnisport Uncut Video Football Service (01:26)
Play Omnisport Ready Video Services
Omnisport Ready Video Services (01:30)
Play Omnisport Clean Video
Omnisport Clean Video (01:05)
Play Yahoo on Using Omnisport Editorial Content to Engage Viewers
Yahoo on Using Omnisport Editorial Content to Engage Viewers (01:42)
Play Jadon Sancho - Stats Perform Data Dive
Jadon Sancho - Stats Perform Data Dive ()

Video Services in Four Key Formats

Varied video formats, at scale

Whether it’s raw, unedited sports video content supplied with detailed scripts to incorporate into your programming or fully produced sports video, our video services integrate seamlessly with your operations allowing you to take advantage of the 24/7 global sports news agenda. Keep existing audiences engaged while attracting new viewers through our data-driven video content, creating unique narratives that cut through the noise.

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0 Global Sports Including; Football, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Cricket And More
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Monetise Audiences Through Quality Video

Learn how our video offering provides the means to reach and engage sports fans across all platforms.

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