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Natural Language Generation in Sport

Engage sports fans at scale with bespoke data-driven content without having to increase your headcount

Expand your football coverage, without increasing headcount

Natural Language Generation for sport

By building upon our expansive global football data collection and expertise in sports journalism, we’ve automated over 85,000 match previews for over 230+ leagues through the power of Natural Language Generation (NLG).​

Sports news and events occur at a rate faster than can be humanly reported. Every day, thousands of sports teams go through minor, and major, updates that their fans should be aware of. Natural language generation increases your ability to create bespoke written reporting at an unimaginable speed and scale. 

Available NLG Services for Sport

Natural Language Generation

Engaging, Personalised Fantasy Recaps

The Wordsmith platform uses natural language generation (NLG) to transform fantasy football data into draft reports, match previews, and match recaps. The platform generates millions of stories each week of the season, essentially giving every fantasy owner a personalised sports reporter writing about their team.

Yahoo!’s fantasy football content offers users a rare mix of personalisation and insight – deepening brand advocacy amongst fans. The customer-centered content increases the value of Yahoo’s sponsorships and ad space.

What is Natural Language Generation?

Natural Language Generation for sport

Natural Language Generation, or NLG, is a branch of Artificial Intelligence ​that converts structured data and into complete narratives which reflect the sound of content produced by a human.​ It can be used to produce long form content or automate custom reports, as well as produce custom content for a web or mobile application.

Our Natural Language Generation for Sport tools use Wordsmith and it’s proprietary NLG tool to create content that is:

Dynamic – Updates when source data changes​.

Multi-Lingual – Easily translated to engage fans around the globe.​​

Scalable – Produce more content in less time without increasing headcount​.

NLG for Sport Success Stories

Engage Sports Fans at Scale

Get in touch with an expert to understand how you can reach and engage with sports fans before, during and after the game with Natural Language Generation.