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TruMedia Networks - June 2, 2020

TruMedia Podcast: Ben Mackriell – Stats Perform

By: Paul Carr

Ben Mackriell is the Head of Team Performance Product Strategy at Stats Perform, which owns the data-tracking company Opta. In our conversation, Ben discusses…

- What teams are doing with data while leagues are shut down
- How he got into sports analytics
- His first club job with Everton
- Working at Everton, Fulham, Reading, Norwich City & Burnley
- The best advice he received as an analyst
- Keys to communicating data at clubs
- How he works with clubs in his Stats Perform role
- AI, computer vision, and the future of analytics
- The state of analytics in cricket and rugby
- Why he roots for Boston teams
- Joining Fulham right before Clint Dempsey’s famous chip against Juventus

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