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Duke utilizes STATS’ SportVU player tracking technology in Championship Season

April 14, 2015

Durham, NC and Northbrook, IL – April 14, 2015 – The Duke University Blue Devils had a secret weapon at their disposal en route to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship trophy. Duke was one of just a handful of collegiate teams to employ STATS’ SportVU Player Tracking technology in the 2014-15 season.

“Our proprietary work with SportVU provides us a more complete picture of each player on our team and puts us in a stronger position to further their development,” said Kevin Cullen, Duke’s Basketball Director of Information Technology. “The insights we’ve made these first two years have been invaluable and we believe we are just getting started.”

“The team at STATS takes pride in knowing that SportVU player tracking was a part of Duke University’s journey in a championship season. We congratulate Coach Krzyzewski, the players and every member of their basketball program on a remarkable season and dominating run in March,” said Greg Kirkorsky, EVP of Global Sales and Marketing at STATS.

SportVU, a system of six cameras and STATS’ proprietary software, calibrates and measures both players and the ball in x and y coordinates. The result is a continuous stream of ground-breaking statistics based around speed, distance, player separation and ball possession data that allows for more detailed and targeted analysis of players and teams.

The Blue Devils enjoy access to a powerful lineup of unique performance data that is invaluable for advanced scouting and player evaluation. SportVU depicts innovative game intricacies such as floor spacing efficiency, drives, pick and roll performance, rebound chances, potential assists, catch-and-shoot opportunities, post touches, sprints and the total distances run during a game.

The Blue Devils became the first collegiate team to incorporate big data analytics into their player development and game day strategies in 2013, when they installed SportVU in both Cameron Indoor Stadium and the Michael W. Krzyzewski Center for use in practice.

STATS is also the Official Player Tracking Partner of the NBA, where SportVU cameras have been utilized in every NBA arena since the 2013-14 season.

STATS SportVU® creates a wealth of innovative statistics to engage teams and fans with unique basketball data and immersive content experiences. Contact STATS to find out what SportVU can do for your organization.