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Orlando Magic Sign Exclusive Deal with STATS to Use Revolutionary AI-Powered Tracking Data

February 25, 2019

CHICAGO – February 25, 2019 –– Today, STATS, the worldwide leader in sports data and intelligence, and the Orlando Magic announced an exclusive deal that secures the Magic as the only NBA team with access to AutoSTATS, a revolutionary new artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The Magic will use tracking data produced by AutoSTATS to analyze collegiate players and improve evaluation and decisions for the NBA draft. AutoSTATS delivers comprehensive player-tracking data directly from video through patented AI and computer vision technology. The new technology gives the Magic exclusive access to the college tracking data currently unavailable at this scale due to the scarce use of in-venue tracking systems.

“When we saw the power of AutoSTATS, we were immediately drawn to the benefits this data can provide in our draft decision making process,” said Jeff Weltman, President of Basketball Operations for the Orlando Magic. “Now, instead of using data from just a handful of games, we will be able to make our draft decisions with data from every collegiate game a potential draft pick has played.”

The first-of-its-kind technology in sports, AutoSTATS is the result of years of research and development from STATS’ award-winning AI team. AutoSTATS data quality has matched in-venue hardware systems and eliminates the need for hardware in all stadiums used for regular season and post-season tournaments.

“Collecting data through broadcast is the future of tracking and we couldn’t be more thrilled to launch our technology through this partnership with an innovative team like the Magic,” said Steve Xeller, Chief Revenue Officer at STATS. “With AutoSTATS, the Magic have exclusive access to the most college basketball tracking data in the world. This information can then be applied to their proprietary models to improve player evaluation and development. This technology unlocks huge potential for the Magic, college teams and the broadcast media who cover them.”

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