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Sportworld to Unleash Power of Smart TVs and Smartphones in 191 Countries Through Integration of Opta Data and Video

Global sports aggregation and streaming platform Sportworld to captivate fans worldwide and unlock new sponsor opportunities with rich, contextual sports information from Stats Perform’s Opta service, including scores, stats, analysis, insights, visualisations, video, graphics and more.

October 15, 2023

MUNICH – 16 October 2023  B1 SmartTV GmbH today proudly unveiled an extensive multi-year partnership between its pioneering Smart TV and Smartphone sports streaming platform, Sportworld, and Stats Perform, the global leader in sports data, content and analytics.

The collaboration is set to significantly elevate the accessibility and popularity of sport on Smart TVs and Smartphones for fans, rightsholders and advertisers by integrating Stats Perform’s extensive Opta data feeds, visualizations, video and automated graphics deeply into the way viewers find and enjoy content in the Sportworld platform, across 3,600 competitions in 22 sports.

The Opta data integration means Sportworld users in more than 190 countries can expect unprecedented context to immerse them more deeply in more sports and competitions. This will include interactive, personalised experiences powered by live stats and insights across all major competitions and top leagues such as NBA, NFL, Formula 1, as well as grandstand sports events like UEFA EURO 2024.

Additionally, the partnership enables Sportworld to offer exciting content from Stats Perform’s PressBox Video and PressBox Graphics applications, including highlights, press conferences, interviews, data videos, team news, lineups, recaps, ratings and much more, in a multitude of languages.

The net result is a significant increase to the premium content available on Sportworld’s platform and mobile apps, an expansion in sponsorable assets, and a transformation in the way fans find, follow, watch and enjoy sport on Smart TVs, elevating the first- and second-screen sports narrative to new heights.

Gerd Weiner, Founder and Managing Director of B1 SmartTV, states: “Our partnership with Stats Perform is a milestone in global sports distribution. Sportworld, as the only global sports streaming platform that offers access to content, data, and program information on a single platform, now enhances the sports fan experience by adding more data and innovative features like our 24/7 fully automated sports data channels.”

Dr. Robert Niemann, Managing Director of B1 SmartTV, overseeing content, rights & media: “Stats Perform are the only provider that can deliver such extensive data and content. Global fans know and trust their Opta brand, which goes from strength to strength. This collaboration really boosts our platforms and strategy to give rights holders and broadcasters a unique platform to showcase their content. Adding more relevant data to every sports competition is a big deal, setting the stage for new creative ideas that will provide billions of sports fans with a more complete experience for their favourite sports – and their future favourites, because it’ll make more sports more appealing.”

Steve Xeller, Chief Revenue Officer at Stats Perform, shares: “The integration of our Opta data feeds and products into the innovative Sportworld App is a golden opportunity to harness the full power of Smart TVs and Smartphones to tell new stories and connect fans and sponsors to sport beyond anything seen so far.  It’s especially exciting that we can help achieve this in more than 190 countries. We are thrilled about the prospect of showcasing what can be built with our products to enrich the way top-class sport is experienced and make it mean more to more people, in every corner of the planet.”