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Stats Perform AI Scientist Nathan Frank to Deliver Remarks on a Virtual Session for the Basketball Analytics Summit

May 13, 2020

CHICAGO – May 13, 2020 – Stats Perform, the SportsTech leader in data and AI technology, today announced that AI Scientist Nathan Frank will present a virtual session on AI in sports and the creation of advanced insights and predictions as part of the online Analytics Learning Academy series for the Basketball Analytics Summit.

Frank’s session will provide context for various advancements in sports AI, specifically how conventional neural networks, deep learning, transformer networks and attention are used to enable advanced analytics and predictive models that are transforming the way sports our understood. The talk will also provide details on AutoStats, Stats’ Perform’s revolutionary computer vision technology that collects player tracking data directly from broadcast video, giving analysts an enormous set of data not previously available. Finally, Frank will discuss how AI and machine learning techniques are enhancing the value and usability of the data collected, giving coaches and analysts fast and usable insights that break down team play and formations faster and deeper than once possible.

“Right now, the AI revolution is having a profound impact on sports analytics and the way we monitor, understand and break down the game,” Frank said. “More teams and leagues across competitions are looking to adopt advanced AI data and analysis models that were once only used on the professional level. During this session, I will not only discuss the exciting advancements that have been made in recent AI innovation in sports, but also how coaches and analysts effectively use these insights and predictions to make sense of the intricacies of our game faster than ever before.”

Frank’s session is a part of the virtual Analytics Learning Academy that has replaced this year’s Basketball Analytics Summit. To register, visit: