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Stats Perform and TicketSwift Partner to Help Teams Increase Ticketing Revenue

August 25, 2021

CHICAGO / LONDON – 25 August 2021 – Today Stats Perform, the sports tech leader in data and AI technology, and TicketSwift, announced a new multi-year partnership. Stats Perform will provide its Premium level data as well as its SmartRatings product to power TicketSwift’s score, player data, and dynamic headlines in real-time. Stats Perform’s SmartRating product will also power the excitement score which TicketSwift will use to create a dynamic pricing model for increased ticket revenue. TicketSwift’s new service will help provide fans more information when making in-game ticket purchase decisions.

TicketSwift, a start-up company, whose early clients included the Cleveland Cavaliers, works with clubs to help sell in-game tickets once the game has started.

Traditionally, in the ticketing market, once a game has started, fans are unable to buy tickets online and anything that is unsold becomes unusable inventory. TicketSwift has set out to solve that challenge with a patent-pending technology that allows for ticket sales after a game has started and dynamically price that ticket to maximize the unsold inventory.

Ron Warner, Founder of TicketSwift, said: “We recognize and appreciate what the ticket industry companies have done over the years to create their infrastructures and recognize how hard it is to change their core software applications. This is why we will create solutions to play along with everyone’s systems, giving the fan the best possible experience across multiple platforms.

“When we started to look at specific data companies within the market who could provide us with what we needed to be successful, there was one company who stood out…that was Stats Perform. They are forward-thinking, extremely well-versed in just about every application of sports data and extremely eager to create new innovations. This was a major win, and I am excited to see what we can build moving forward together.”

TicketSwift is part of Stats Perform’s Sports Partners Intelligence Network (SPIN) which combines Stats Perform’s leading sports intelligence offerings (data, insights, analytics, machine learning, computer vision and AI), with top partners to develop complementary solutions that support joint customers and the sports market.

Stats Perform, Steve Xeller, Stats Perform Chief Revenue Officer, said: “We are very excited to be partnering with such an innovative and visionary company to jointly deliver such a compelling solution for sports fans and teams. As a member of our SPIN partner ecosystem, TicketSwift is poised to accelerate market awareness and adoption side-by-side with Stats Perform”.