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Stats Perform Partners with 365Scores to Deliver Unmatched Sports Data to Fans in Real-Time

September 1, 2021

CHICAGO / LONDON – 19 August 2021 – Today Stats Perform, the sports tech leader in data and AI technology, and 365Scores, the world’s most extensive live scores tracking app, announced a new five-year partnership. Stats Perform will continue to power 365Scores’ award-winning app with premium level sports data, including game tracking, player stats and real-time updates for football (soccer), rugby, tennis, basketball, cricket, ice hockey, baseball, volleyball, American football and handball. Stats Perform’s unmatched breadth of data and content enables 365Scores to provide a more personalized and engaging fan experience to their millions of users.

365Scores offers the best and most complete digital sports fan experience to an ever-growing fan base with this extended partnership. Stats Perform data enables 365Scores to deliver the most accurate and fastest real-time game tracking and stats to sports fans. Backed by over 40 years’ worth of data and the most comprehensive insights, Stats Perform is helping the 365Scores fan base know and understand the performance of their favourite sports, teams and players better.

“Sports fans desire a rich, personalized experience and Stats Perform’s data and AI are the fuel for that experience,” said Stats Perform, Chief Executive Officer Carl Mergele. “The way 365Scores uses our data to deliver a real-time, complete experience for fans is incredible. We are thrilled to continue to partner with 365Scores and keep fans in the game.”

Stats Perform has the most in-depth archive of global sports data in the industry. Its AI technology and team of AI scientists and engineers leverage the company’s data to power scalable applications and generate value across sports– from better player predictions and sports insights to interactive content– for broadcast and betting companies, sports leagues and their fans.

“365Scores takes great pride in offering our loyal users the fastest and most accurate live scores updates online, on any device, in any language – and this partnership with Stats Perform is integral to allowing us to do that,” said Ami Serkis, 365Scores CEO. “We look forward to working with Stats Perform and using their data to continue to deliver on our promise to offer the best and most complete fan experience available.”

365Scores offers 40 million sports fans the ability to create their own sports channels with fully personalized content and notification services for their favourite teams, leagues and matches. The app is available for multiple devices in the App Store and Google Play Store. To experience Stats Perform’s data and AI technology at work, please visit The Analyst, Stats Perform’s digital content destination, where the company’s sports data is turned into compelling fan-facing stories.