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Access statistics and advanced metrics as far back at 1876 to drive meaningful observations and keep fans engaged.

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Stats Pass & Opta Query Tool

Our self-service tools will provide you unique access to the world’s best sports database to enable you to interrogate decades worth of detailed sports data and craft expertly-produced content which engages audiences. Stats Perform’s detailed live and rich historical data provides an exhaustive research resource to add context to every game.

Find new angles and research your own narratives with ease thanks to deep player, team and competition data.

miami marlins

Empower Your Fan Engagement Content With Rich Historical Data

In addition to in-booth support, the Miami Marlins were seeking an in-depth historical sports database to help provide interesting statistics and trends to support the team media guide and social channels.

STATS PASS’ user-friendly interface and hundreds of statistical splits have been vital features for the Marlins, specifically when gathering data on statistical streaks and player performance within a specific date range.

The Marlins’ ability to search STATS PASS has led to the development of #FishFacts, which consist of team- and player-specific notes mined from millions of historical data points. This campaign is sent to more than 322,000 Twitter followers prior to every game, averaging more than 50 retweets and 200 likes per #FishFacts tweet.

Phoenix suns

Enhance Your Broadcast Through Data-Backed Insights & Unique Graphics

The Phoenix Suns have strategically used Stats Perform’s data-driven insights, industry-leading research department and the in-depth, comprehensive Stats Perform’s Graphics Library to power their broadcasts since 2009.

Suns TV works effectively to produce high-quality broadcasts with compelling information that engages viewers, and Stats Perform has contributed to its successful run through exceptional services during a nearly decade-long partnership.

Data and Content for Your Platforms

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