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What Events Can You Meet Stats Perform In-Person in 2024?

Schedule a meeting with our experienced sports content experts at these upcoming industry events.

By: Alex Roberts

We believe there is magic in the detail of sport, our expert-team look forward to understanding how we can help you wield it at the following industry events in 2024.

Got an idea or objective you’d like to discuss about your team, brand, product or service. Request a meeting with one of our experts at an upcoming industry event.

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Keep checking back at this page to see what events we’re participating at. We look forward to seeing you soon at an event near you.

Afrosport Summit

when: 17-18 July
where: Accra, Ghana

Who can you meet?

  • Daniel Price, Sales Lead, Africa
  • Yacine Abeka, Sales Manager
  • Gijs Beenker, Client Services Manager

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FSGA Summer Conference

when: 22-23 July
where: boston, united states

Who can you meet?

  • Corey Roberts, Account Manager

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Business of Sport Summit

when: 21-22 August
where: Sydney, Australia

Who can you meet?

  • Jeff Arnold, Vice President – Asia Pacific

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England fans cheering at Wembley Stadium during the UEFA Euro 2020 Semi Final between England and Denmark

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