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Enhance Live Player Monitoring Across Your First Team and Academy

Delivered in partnership with K-Sport, Dynamix is being used by over 300 professional clubs around the world to review performance outputs, captured from wearable and tracking systems, on a daily basis to help optimise every player’s physical conditioning.

Analyse Performance Data Captured From Training Sessions & Matches

Maxime Injury Prevention in Your Squads

Each of your player’s Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio can be monitored via Dynamix, which allows your coaches to make crucial live interventions if a player’s workload exceeds their pre-set parameters, leaving them vulnerable to injury.

Your fitness coaches can also flag changes in a player’s physical performance during set time periods in a season, as well as compare their performance from recent sessions and matches.

Player & Competition Comparisons

Each player at your club has their own Dynamix player profile, where their performance thresholds can be compared against your own customised positional, team and league comparisons.

Comparisons can be displayed on a range of different Radar, Histogram and Table displays, which you are able to pre-set.

Automate Your Own Fitness Reports

Within Dynamix, you have the ability to set up a wide range of session, match and season reports, which can be tailored for coaches, managers and players.

These reports can be downloaded in a wide range of formats – and players can be provided with their own Dynamix login to review their own performance data.

Let’s Talk About Helping You Manage Player Load

Find out how our wearables solutions can help you maximise the availability of your playing squad throughout the campaign.