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Introducing Football's Most Powerful Wearable

Certified by FIFA for use in-game, the K-AI Wearable Tech is the smallest and least intrusive athlete wearable device in professional football, delivering live and bespoke physical outputs to fitness coaches without compromising player comfort.

A Comprehensive Solution for Monitoring Physical Player Performance

Delivering Accurate, Uninterrupted  Outputs

The K-AI Wearable Tech uses 50-Hz sampling and is the first solution to utilise all four major global satellites, without reducing frequency: GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia) BEIDOU (China) and GALILEO (Europe).

The device’s sensor fusion technology and high-end processor guarantees the most accurate KPIs are captured, using a long-range antenna which can track 100 units across a 200 metre range.

Powering Live Insights Straight to Your Smartphone

Performance outputs captured by the K-AI Wearable Tech can be live monitored by you and your fitness coaches using a brand new K-Pro smartphone app.

Live data is transmitted to the app using Bluetooth technology and connects automatically to our player monitoring software. During the close season players can also use the app to complete fitness drills away from your training centre, to help maintain their fitness levels.

Analyse Fitness Data Post-Session Using Dynamix

Data captured from your wearable devices can be analysed and visualised within minutes of your session being completed using our secure, cloud-based analysis platform: Dynamix.

The software provides custom, automated reports that monitor individual and team thresholds, as well as various player, positional, team and league comparisons.

Endorsed by Academic Experts

For the past 10 years, we have worked with academic partners, including Technische Universität München (TUM), Urbino University and the FIGC Biomechanical Laboratory, to ensure the wearables we provide you are of the highest quality, with independent testing and validation of all outputs.

Let’s Talk About Helping You Manage Player Load

Find out how our wearables solutions can help you maximise the availability of your playing squad throughout the campaign.