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Real Time Player Alerts and Fitness Monitoring In-Game

By enabling coaches to monitor the fitness levels of all players on the pitch, KS Smart Live is changing the way key decisions are made in-game, from a tactical and player welfare perspective.

Be Alerted When Any of Your Players Enter The Red Zone

Monitor KPIs Alongside Live Animation

You can watch live on-field player and ball movement, from multiple angles, on a 2D pitch display in KS Smart Live.

Alongside the animation, you can choose up to three different performance parameters to live monitor the performance of each player on the field.

React to Time-Critical Situations

Within KS Smart Live, a green circle will appear when any player’s output exceeds a performance threshold, with orange alerts indicating a player needs a temporary recovery.

A battery display also appears, outlining each player’s available energy. If a player is running out of energy, a red alert will display – flagging that an intervention needs to be made from the bench.

Identify Player Trends

In addition to highlighting player performance trends during the game, you also have the ability to export all performance outputs captured over the course of a match for further offline analysis.

Outputs for every player in a game can also be displayed on a wide range of engaging data visualisations, including radars, to help share performance insights with other members of your coaching team.

Let’s Talk About Helping You Manage Player Load

Find out how our wearables solutions can help you maximise the availability of your playing squad throughout the campaign.