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Synchronising Fitness Data and Match Video

By combining video with player data captured from wearable and tracking systems, KS Video Fitness is enabling your team’s fitness coaches to better contextualise the performance of every player on the field as a match progresses.

Review Player Speeds Alongside Video Footage

Understand High Intensity Performance in Context

Establish how fast each player is running or sprinting at different stages of a game, with video footage providing the tactical context to their fluctuations in performance.

Synchronise Video With Your Customised Thresholds

If you are analysing wearable and tracking data via Stats Perform’s Dynamix software, you can also access your existing customised metrics within KS Video Fitness.

Each metric can be selected to automatically calculate player outputs during a specific period of a match.

Let’s Talk About Helping You Manage Player Load

Find out how our wearables solutions can help you maximise the availability of your playing squad throughout the campaign.