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Objective Player Recruitment

With a global database covering 730,000 players across 250 competitions, Stats Perform provides professional teams with a rich dataset and innovative platforms that can reduce risk, help identify talent and inform decision-making throughout the recruitment process.


Intelligent SportS Framework

Scouting and Analysis Management

Strategic planning around player recruitment is an essential requirement to sustaining on-field success. The ISF provides clubs and federations with workflow tools to support the identification, monitoring and recommendation of players fitting short, medium and long-term recruitment needs. 

  • With match information and biographical player data from over 250 leagues and competitions worldwide, the ISF is an invaluable resource to monitor the global player market
  • From assigning matches through to the final submission of reports, the entire day-to-day management of an international scouting department can be coordinated from the platform
  • The ISF Advanced Search allows recruitment analysts to interrogate reports and biographical data, identifying players fitting positional KPIs within the club’s recruitment profile



Establishing Longer-Term Performance Trends 

Key changes to a team’s approach based on opposition, personnel and game state, can inform game plans and fine-tune performance. ProVision, our award-winning interactive analytics platform, allows professional teams to conduct detailed analysis by interrogating Opta’s extensive global football database.

  • Compare and analyse players across multiple competitions using high-level performance data
  • Advanced metrics, including expected goals and expected assists, together with the Opta sequence framework, allows teams to compare a team’s approach in possession and without the ball
  • Users can build their own stats, in line with their club’s KPIs, to help inform team and player performance



Supporting Unique Recruitment Practices

Every club is different with different philosophies, cultures, structures and objectives. ProConsultancy is an initiative that offers a range of services beyond the day-to-day that can support and inform decision-making at the highest level.

  • Bespoke team and player-level reports: Print friendly and integrating detailed data with graphics and visualisations, recruitment reports are available alongside pre- and post-match reports at the team level
  • Player shortlisting: Supporting recruitment processes, data-driven positional profiles can be produced by OptaPro’s data science team, who quantify in-depth information to create a shortlist of suitable, realistic player targets
  • Similarity analysis: This work can identify teams domestically and abroad that play with a similar style, an approach that can be applied to inform loan destinations as well as analysing team styles and player suitability



Video Analysis of Playing Styles 

Identifying a team’s tactical approach and player involvement is fundamental to both opposition analysis and recruitment profiling. ProVideo, integrated with the Opta sequence framework, enables users to conduct detailed video analysis on teams and players across multiple matches.

  • ProVideo incorporates extensive coverage of match footage from across the globe, with over 3,000 new matches becoming available each month
  • Deep integration and synchronisation with Opta data facilitates fast, in-depth analysis of playing styles and player involvement across multiple matches
  • Online analysis can be saved and archived into playlists, which can be shared with club colleagues, coaches and players


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