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Governance Integrity Audits

Review of existing rules covering issues related to betting and match manipulation.

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Stats Perform Integrity

Governance Integrity Audits

Stats Perform sit at the centre of a complex ecosystem which brings together Rights Holders, Governing Bodies, Betting Operators and industry stakeholders. This makes us well placed to assist with a review of relevant Integrity rules on betting and match-fixing. Rules would be reviewed by our in-house integrity team who have experience of conducting such audits.

The audit would not constitute legal advice but we would work with the organisation’s counsel to review the current rules and provide advice on how they could be strengthened if need be.

Stats Performy Integrity

How The Audit Works

Typically the review would consider the following:

  • Scope and clarity
  • Rules regarding betting by participants
  • Rules on match manipulation
  • Inside information
  • Rules on whistleblowing and reporting suspected corrupt activity
  • Rules on co-operating with investigations
  • Disciplinary procedures and sanctions


Protect Your Sport Against Threats

Find out how our integrity team can work with you to safeguard your sport and protect its long-term value.

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