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Revolutionising Media & Technology Through AI

The sports industry’s leading data scientists make up Stats Perform’s world-class AI team. See how Stats Perform continues revolutionising the media and technology industries through technological advancements.

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The First Broadcast-Based Player-Tracking Solution

With AutoSTATS, AI-enhanced body recognition technology uses broadcast video to fluidly identify player position and granular movement across the entirety of the court without the need for in-venue technology.

This unique data collection method provides sport-casters with granular data points at an unmatched speed to further enhance the broadcast.


Play AutoSTATS Player-Tracking Technology
AutoSTATS Player-Tracking Technology (01:27)

Pre-Game and Live Win Probability 

By running unique AI-driven algorithms against a rich database, Stats Perform provides an independent feed of expected pre-game and in-game outcomes.  By utilising these probabilities as talking points or visualisations, media companies are able to provide fans a unique view of the game.

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Enhancing The Driving Experience

With over 300 million vehicles on the road today that integrate their technology, Nuance Communications needed a partner who had the same drive for innovation. Listen to how Nuance is utilising Stats Perform’s market-leading AI-powered solutions, to provide a superior experience to consumers around the world.


Play Stats Perform & Nuance Enhancing the Driving Experience
Stats Perform & Nuance Enhancing the Driving Experience (02:38)
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Natural Language Generted Insights

Connect with fans using engaging, in-depth insights delivered to your platform by utilising the world’s most robust sports database in tandem with natural language generation. Bolster your push notification and in-app messaging strategy with messages designed to cut through the competitive noise.



How Can AI Revolutionise Sport For You?

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