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Various infographics displaying automated sports statistics graphics generated using Opta data

Create Eye-Catching, Scroll-Stopping Graphics in Seconds

Produce world-class visuals which combine 40 years of sports data with AI-Driven metrics to increase engagement and unlock sponsorship opportunities.

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Opta Graphics

Builds Data-Rich, Dazzling Graphics at Scale

Opta Graphics allows you to create content across all platforms, whether it’s your website, social feed, broadcast coverage, in-venue screens or advertising.

Quickly add data, visualisations, sponsor logos, player imagery, team logos and colours and so much more in mere moments without any graphic design skills.

With up to 50 pre-designed templates and uncapped user access, social teams can create a wide variety of graphics while ensuring brand guidelines remain intact.

Create still images, videos and GIFs to capture the attention of fans on any screen.

Opta Graphics Overview
NFL Fans watching the game

How our clients achieved remarkable results with Opta Graphics

Opta Graphics powers graphics creation for teams, leagues, competitions, broadcasters and more worldwide. Learn more about how they leveraged Opta Graphics and see countless examples of Opta Graphics in use today.

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Two phones displaying tweets of the Pressbox Graphic clients Sydney Sixers and GOAL Indonesia
Opta GRAPHICS Mobile

Create Data-Driven Content From Anywhere

Enrich video taken from the sidelines, sponsor pictures taken from the stands and add your brand to the raw reactions from the press room with Opta Graphics Mobile.

Opta Graphics Mobile lets you add Opta data and visualisations directly from your phone or tablet, eliminating the need to send your videos and photos to a computer. This means you can publish social media content faster, beating your competition to fans’ feeds and winning the race for attention.

Play PressBox Graphics Mobile: Data-Driven Asset Creation On the Go
PressBox Graphics Mobile: Data-Driven Asset Creation On the Go (01:10)
A crowded basketball stadium

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