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Create Engaging Sports Graphics At Scale

Stats Perform’s Opta Graphics provides a web-based platform to produce world-class visuals combining 40 years of sports data with AI-driven metrics to increase engagement and unlock sponsorship opportunities.

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A Dynamic Production Tool At Your Fingertips

Opta Graphics is a fully-integrated, customisable platform that builds dazzling graphics at scale.

Utilise Opta Graphics to create content across all platforms, whether it’s your website, social feed, broadcast coverage, in-venue screens or advertising.



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ACCESS TO UNique, advanced METRICS

Seamless Integration With Advanced Metrics

Bring greater depth to your coverage through new advanced metrics, built by the world’s largest sport-focused AI and data science team and powered by the world’s richest football database.

Opta Graphics integrates with Stats Perform’s expansive database to unlock content that’s not available anywhere else. Cut through the competitive noise with metrics such as expected goals and heat maps for soccer, shot charts for basketball and hockey, and spray charts for baseball.


Build Automated graphics

Event-Triggered Graphics Help Streamline Production

Opta Graphics’ Gameday feature leverages Stats Perform’s world-class event data to produce automated graphics, allowing your team to focus on more complex tasks.

Gameday production is triggered by major game events such as goals, substitutions, points scored and the end of halves, periods or games.



real-time Graphics

Graphics That Update Automatically As Events Unfold

The Snapshot feature provides a consistent recap of the match, updating as the action unfolds on the pitch. With social audiences demanding high-quality, real-time content, users can access Opta Graphics for readily sharable recaps.



Bespoke Templates

Reinforce Your Brand Identity

Templates can be created to fit any specification, including design and default languages. With up to 50 pre-designed templates and uncapped user access, social teams are able to create a myriad of graphics while ensuring brand guidelines remain intact.

Still images, videos and GIFs are supported, allowing teams to produce a variety of content available for distribution across multiple channels.

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Start building engaging, data-driven graphics today to provide more detail and context for your content, whatever the platform.

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