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Fan Engagement

Clear Headsmart Excites and Delights Fans with Stunning Visuals and Predictive content

Visuals and predictive content are two tools which are often cited as key when it comes to engaging sports fans on social media but what happens when the two are combined?

By: Mike Morrison

In 2020, Stats Perform partnered with Goal and Mindshare to create Clear Headsmart, a virtual pundit which combines Opta Live Win Probability with our PressBox Graphics platform to create unique insights and provide a new fan experience before and during Premier League matches.

What was the goal of the campaign?

The campaign was focused on building brand awareness for the client, Clear. Clear wanted to lean on their male target audience’s passion for football but do so in an innovative way which would place their brand alongside content relevant to the audience, particularly on game day.

“The original challenge we set ourselves was how could we use the power of data science to reduce the stress and anxiety of watching your favourite football team aligning with Clear’s brand purpose to help young men power up their resilience and be free to stress to perform at their best.”
RK Narayanan, head of team Unilever at Mindshare Indonesia

How did the campaign work?

The campaign ran for five weeks through Goal’s Indonesian Twitter account and featured pre and in-game predictions based on historical performance and in-game events such as goals or red cards to predict the outcome of a live football match for loyal fans.

These predictions were used to create a virtual football pundit, expressed via the graphics that were pushed out on social.

” The product team had to build a combination of event-based triggers meant for visible external output, as well as some internal indicators used to monitor the forecaster’s own performance throughout the match. For example, the algorithm would generate a Live Win Probability update within seconds of a goal being scored. However, a notification would need to be built to identify when said goal has gone to a VAR review and gets rescinded minutes later,”
Steve Cliffe, VP Asia Pacific, Stats Perform

Which products were in use?

Opta Live Win Probability. The Live Win Probability model calculates the probability of each outcome occurring by simulating the remainder of the match 100,000 times. The model probabilities update in real time as the action unfolds on the pitch, providing fans with a live insight into the likely outcomes of the match.

PressBox Graphics. The use of a graphics platform meant that over 250 pieces of infographic-style content could be produced each week during the campaign – a volume which would not have been possible through manual creation.

What were the results?

Being able to maintain a high level of output was key. By week 3, a staggering 335 graphics had been produced and engaged with over 250,000 times. This initial volume meant that marginally smaller levels of content in the remaining weeks of the campaign could deliver massive reach and engagement. 330,000 people were reached in week 4 from 104 content pieces.

Visual meets predictive
The combination of predictive data and a visual output provided a truly unique experience for fans. It is not just about being able to deliver insightful information, it is about doing so in a way that reflects the rapid-fire nature of social media. With attention spans short, the visual has to do convey a message quickly and effectively.

Digital differentiation
It’s been twelve months of change for the sports industry and loyal fans alike. Not being able to have fans in stadiums during the pandemic has had a twinned impact on revenues from ticket sales for organisers and enjoyment for those fans unable to see their favorite teams live. Whilst there are plenty of victims, there is also an opportunity to transform the fan engagement strategy from in-stadium to online and leverage the unique possibilities online media presents.

Balancing sponsor-led content with key editorial pieces is a challenge for any team, particularly during the matchday cycle. The use of automation provided the team with an update every 10 minutes or after every major event so that the team didn’t have to go hunting for the information.


“From a reach and engagement perspective, the campaign is massively over-delivering already, with our five-round reach target hit after just two rounds of games,”
Andy Jackson, vice-president of strategy for Asia at Goal

To find out more about our Live Win Probability model, PressBox Graphics or how any of our tools can help you connect the fan base at home to their favorite sports teams get in touch.