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Create Eye-Catching Graphics in real-time

Create visual content which combines 40 years of sports data with AI-Driven metrics to drive fan engagement.

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Builds Data-Rich, Dazzling Graphics at Scale

PressBox Graphics allows you to create content across all platforms, whether it’s your website, social feed, broadcast coverage, in-venue screens or advertising.

Quickly add data, visualisations, sponsor logos, player imagery, team logos and colours and so much more in mere moments without any graphic design skills.

With up to 50 pre-designed templates and uncapped user access, social teams can create a wide variety of graphics while ensuring brand guidelines remain intact.

Create still images, videos and GIFS to capture the attention of fans on any screen.

00:45 Introducing PressBox Graphics
01:28 PressBox Graphics – Faster Than The Fastest
02:07 Moments that Matter with PressBox Graphics
11:53 The Demo Series – PressBox Graphics
Play Introducing: PressBox Graphics
Introducing: PressBox Graphics (00:45)
Play Moments that Matter with PressBox Graphics
Moments that Matter with PressBox Graphics (02:07)
Play The Demo Series - PressBox Graphics
The Demo Series - PressBox Graphics (11:53)

A New Engagement Solution Combining Engaging Visuals And Sports Data

The move is part of Stats Perform’s strategic focus on fan engagement and helping clients succeed in a highly competitive sports media market. By adding the 13 Strides products to the Stats Perform portfolio, clients will now have access to these powerful tools, in addition to the richest sports data and most advanced AI.

“Imagine the power of combining the world’s best repository of sports data, and the most advanced AI, with this simple and fast way to create engaging graphics,” said Carl Mergele, Stats Perform, CEO.

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How our clients achieved remarkable results with PressBox Graphics

PressBox Graphics powers graphics creation for teams, leagues, competitions, broadcasters and more worldwide. Learn more about how they leveraged PressBox Graphics and see countless examples of PressBox Graphics in use today.

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Create visual content at scale

Produce real-time graphics that drive fan engagement across digital and social channels.

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