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Are You Ready To Tackle The 23-24 Rugby Season?

By: Ben Jermy

We are already well into an exciting year of men’s and women’s international and domestic rugby, with a very competitive men’s Rugby World Cup looming large. We have some great new data, tools and products for 2023-24 that you won’t have seen before, including:

  • Rugby Hub Live: Our all-in-one rugby data dashboard, that helps you tell every story as the action unfolds.
  • New predictive metrics: Win Probability, Score Predictor and Expected Points, giving fresh context to on-field events.
  • Opta Index: An objective rating of the best overall players in the game, as well as separate attack and defence indexes.


  • Attract and retain new fans, as well as better engaging your existing audience.
  • Get your audience to tune into coverage earlier and remain engaged post-match, by adding real value.
  • Create visually-striking graphics which attract lucrative sponsorship opportunities from brands.
  • Engage fans and keep the conversation going on social networks long after the final whistle.

and much much more…

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