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5 Ways to Increase Content with Play-By-Play Data

By: Andy Cooper

Fans are getting increasingly interested in data, from simple statistics to more advanced analytics. Whether it’s for the analyst inside of them or for reasons like sports betting or researching for their fantasy team, fans are interested in getting a deeper knowledge of the game.

Data is one of the strongest forms of engagement. Fans are hungry for information and want to get something out of the content that they didn’t know before. Whether it is contextualizing performances through visualizations or just to add insights to their ‘watercooler’ conversations with friends. The following are five ways that you can use in-depth play-by-play data to increase content on your website, improving your overall engagement with your audience.

  1. In-Game Engagement: Play-by-play is when data is at its most powerful. It provides every detail on all aspects of a game, from every pitch thrown in MLB, every play in the NBA, and every touch soccer. It allows you to be creative with data, bringing a level of depth that cannot be found in other data feeds.
  2. Live Game Feeds: Play-by-play data can allow you to set up live automated updates on your website, allowing fans away from the action to be able to follow games. It doesn’t all have to be text commentary either, as graphics can be built using play-by-play data and inserted into commentary feeds.
  3. Live Blogs: Live-blogging during games has become a popular method of covering sports, and play-by-play data can be built into these. It can provide statistical insights throughout games, combining a purely objective approach to analysis with the subjective style of the writer.
  4. Visual Content: Play-by-play feeds allow you to create visualisations with data, from setting up graphics to building match centers, viewing as much – or as little – data that you require. Graphical content is typically much more digestible for the viewer/reader too, being both eye-catching and insightful.
  5. Multiple Languages: The internet expands your reach, allowing fans from across the globe to interact with your platform. Play-by-play data feeds are ID and numerical driven, allowing you to set up your data-driven content in any language.