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STATS at SPORTEL: Three lessons from the 2015 convention

By: Andy Cooper

STATS recently attended SPORTEL Monaco, the global sports media industry’s premier annual conference. By bringing together market leaders from the sports media, commerce and events sectors, SPORTEL showcases the latest developments from the industry and is an important forum for discussion around key themes in sports media.

Exhibiting at SPORTEL for a ninth consecutive year, STATS has long been at the forefront of the sports media industry and always welcomes the opportunity to connect with contemporary businesses in a rapidly developing market. Seeking to share knowledge and learn from the experiences of others, STATS recognizes the importance of exploring key industry themes in a collaborative environment and making its voice heard on subjects such as digital services, broadcast rights and user engagement.

The primary focus of the discussions at SPORTEL was on the different ways to incorporate digital media into the more traditional sports experience. By providing in-depth sports data and content to media organizations worldwide, STATS is ideally positioned to facilitate the creation of engaging digital experiences. STATS is helping to lead the development of the sports media industry as it continues to evolve and grow by giving broadcasters and brands the tools to stand out from the crowd and present advanced, multi-platform sports content.

Below are three lessons STATS representatives took away from the presentations they saw and the discussions they had with other industry influencers during their time at SPORTEL:

Creating an Immersive Digital Experience

Advertising opportunities are increasingly driven by digital media services. As sports federations, leagues and broadcasters compete for audience share in a diverse market, the ability to deliver engaging digital experiences and social content is critical for organizations seeking to differentiate their service offering.

Providing Fans Advanced Content

The sports media industry is home to a growing number of technology startups designed to deliver advanced end-user content. Providing cutting-edge services such as 3D data visualization and virtual reality experiences, these businesses are transforming the digital landscape in sports media and driving the demand for increasingly fast and accurate data feeds.

Broadcast Rights

Broadcast rights were the major topic of conversation at SPORTEL. As rights holders demonstrate a proclivity to sell to the highest bidder with less consideration for the end consumer, broadcasters are having to deliver advanced, multi-platform digital services to generate additional revenue in order to derive value from their investments.

By: Chris Mann