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The Launch of Opta Pro Hub, A Comprehensive Scouting & Athlete Management Tool

By: Stats Perform

We have announced a new partnership with MyCoach Pro to launch Opta Pro Hub, an Opta-powered platform to help professional football teams facilitate the early identification of recruitment prospects, internal development of players, and squad pathway management through the academy and into the first team.

Opta Pro Hub combines the best of our existing scouting management solutions, used by scouting departments at hundreds of football clubs and national FAs, with multiple new athlete management modules from MyCoach Pro to deliver professional football’s most comprehensive and secure all-in-one high-performance system. The new modules include coaching, fitness, medical and general player administration.

By integrating key recruitment and internal athlete management processes into one platform, Opta Pro Hub is empowering forward-thinking clubs to establish their own, secure and bespoke, club-wide database, where all essential player and team data, captured by different departments, is centralised and accessible for comprehensive analysis and presentation to senior club officials.

Founded in 2017, MyCoach Pro is a specialist in the design and development of digital athlete data management solutions (AMS) across different sports, both at professional and grassroots level. In professional football they work with 130 teams, including every French club in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, as well as eight different national Olympic federations.

After announcing the partnership, Chief Revenue Officer Steve Xeller, said:

 “We are delighted to work with MyCoach Pro to launch Opta Pro Hub. The new platform is a comprehensive solution for clubs – it provides every high-performance department with the tools they need to thrive. It will equip scouting operations to recruit smarter. Coaches and analysts can undertake detailed reviews of every match or training session, informed by multiple integrated data sources, alongside their own reports. Fitness staff are able to monitor daily player load. We are confident that professional clubs of all sizes will benefit from Opta Pro Hub and that it will improve operations for every men’s and women’s squad, from the first team to the academy.”

MyCoach Pro CEO, Cindy Spaziani, added:

“We are proud to have been chosen by the world’s leading sports data company to help develop Opta Pro Hub, which combines Opta data and state-of-the-art scouting tools. In working together, we will ensure that recruitment staff can operate with maximum efficiency and access time-critical information quickly – whether they are at the stadium, training centre or on-the-go. We are also looking forward to sharing our knowledge of athlete management, providing teams with access to new tools for tracking every player’s physical, technical and tactical development, through each age group and into the senior football environment.”