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#StatsPerformDebates: How to Stand Out in a Busy 2021 Sports Summer

By: Mike Morrison

How will your organization stand out amongst the crowd this busy Summer 2021 season?

We have created an arena for some of the best minds in sport content to discuss how to stand out to this summer’s busy fans. This summer’s challenge poses some critical questions that this panel of experts is going to debate:

• How do you balance the need for depth but also for volume?
• How much time should a content creator ask for from a sports fan? Does a fan’s attention span decline when there are more sport watching options?
• How do you expect fans’ behavior to change given the volume of events?
• Q & A

Hear from:

• Duncan Alexander: VP of Data Editorial, Analytics, & Innovation, Stats Perform
• Richard Hughes: Research & Development, BBC
• Pete Marshall: VP of Content Production, Stats Perform
• Ed Fleet: Account Executive, Stats Perform


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