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Your Brand’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

By: Andy Cooper

5 reasons to activate the MLB All-Star Game

The MLB All-Star Game is baseball’s biggest night and remains king among all-star events. Over the past several years, it has averaged over 11 million viewers, making it the most watched non-World Cup sports program in the summer. It has also grown its presence on social media, with over 1 million related tweets last year.  Many sponsors use this opportunity to connect with fans. If you’re not an official sponsor or are not activating, consider the following reasons we think you should:

1. Attention monopoly. Viewers not only have few other sports viewing options at this time of year, but limited TV show options as well, since most series go on hiatus until the fall.

2. Game extensions. The Home Run Derby, FanFest, and the Legends and Celebrity Softball Game are just a few examples of how the all-star game has expanded into a multi-day spectacle with many experiences for many different types of fans.

3. Featured cities. The MLB All-Star Game travels from city to city, showcasing different ballparks and enabling marketers to tailor their programs to a specific location. If Cincinnati (2015 host), San Diego (2016 host), or Miami (2017 host) is an important area for your brand, start planning now.

4. Intriguing storylines. From Morganna the Kissing Bandit in the 1970s (I had to research this one) to Derek Jeter’s farewell last season, the all-star game provides significant moments for brands to capitalize on.

5. Enriched fan experience. The experience both in-stadium, with technology like iBeacons, and out of stadium, for example with the At Bat app, provides fans with the content they want, when they want it…as well as additional channels for brands to engage fans.

Look to hit a home run with your next campaign by tapping into the fan excitement around All-Star Weekend!