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Revolutionising Team Performance Through AI

We work with 500 teams around the world to inform and enhance decision-making across performance analysis, player recruitment and long-term strategic planning through the application of cutting-edge data, analytics, and AI technology and software

Revolutionising How Sports are Analysed Globally

Croatia reached the 2018 World Cup Final with players such as Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic, but team analyst Marc Rochon’s match preparation heavily guided their remarkable run. See how Marc used AI-driven Edge Analysis to analyse their knockout stage opponents.

Play Croatia Analyst Marc Rochon on Edge Analysis
Croatia Analyst Marc Rochon on Edge Analysis (02:35)

AutoStats Player-Tracking Technology

AutoStats collects comprehensive tracking data from any basketball game through remote video sources, vastly expanding the data available to be collected for performance analysis and truly scalable scouting efforts.

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Play AutoStats Player-Tracking Technology
AutoStats Player-Tracking Technology (01:27)

Tracking Data for Football Coaches and Analysts

Advanced technology provides deep, accurate data:

  • 4K resolution cameras leverage high-quality imaging in complex situations to provide accurate data and power tactical and physical insights to fulfil team performance needs
  • Realistic, uninterrupted player and ball trajectories supplement traditional technical insights
  • Built on a first-of-its-kind independent validation study with the Technical University of Munich to ensure data accuracy and reliability

In-depth insights power team performance:

  • Tracking data synchronises with event data to provide comprehensive match coverage
  • Data collection for both teams plus the ball provides a holistic view of the game, helping develop more tactical match strategies
  • In-game player tracking coupled with off-field training data helps reduce injury by highlighting performance deviations
Play The Unveiling of SportVU 2.0
The Unveiling of SportVU 2.0 (01:57)

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