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Betting Market Monitoring

Our in-house Betting Market Monitoring System ingests and analyses the pricing of hundreds of global bookmakers across 100,000 football matches each year.


Stats Perform Integrity

Betting Market Monitoring

Stats Perform Integrity’s Betting Market Monitoring System monitors pre-match and live betting markets offered by hundreds of betting operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Betting data from a wide range of global betting operators is monitored in real time for over 100,000 events annually, with bespoke algorithms analysing each event. Automated alerts are generated where betting market movements deviate significantly from expectations.

Matches of concern are subject to enhanced review by Stats Perform’s specialist Betting Integrity Team. Analysis of team line-ups, personnel changes, form and H2H results is conducted using the vast resources of Opta. Team motivations, club social media, open source information and industry intelligence are researched and collated, and events on the field of play visualised to create a comprehensive view of a match.

Stats Perform Integrity

Betting Market Monitoring

Data, information and intelligence is then collectively reviewed to form well founded conclusions on the integrity of each event. Concerns around events are shared with clients in clear, objective reports.

Stats Perform Integrity’s betting market monitoring service gives Rights Holders and governing bodies the confidence that they will swiftly be alerted to any potential issues in their sport. To support the work of Rights Holders and governing bodies in maintaining the integrity of their sport Stats Perform Integrity also provides statements on betting market activity for use in disciplinary proceedings and other enforcement actions.

We provide betting market monitoring services to Rights Holders and governing bodies across the world, and work closely with regulators, government institutions, and domestic and international law enforcement bodies.

Suspicious Trends in Global Football Report

Stats Perform believes in transparency in the fight against corruption in sport, and works together with governing bodies to understand the level and nature of the threat presented by match fixing. To this end for the last three years we have co-authored a ‘Suspicious Betting Trends in Global Football’ report.

This is a publicly available document that provides sports integrity stakeholders with an overview of current trends in suspicious betting markets in global football. A copy of the most recent report and an accompanying webinar can be found here. Matches identified in the report have been shared with relevant governing bodies to support their work on a non-commercial basis.

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