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Intelligence Gathering & Analysis

Unrivalled intelligence collection and analysis enabling identification and mitigation of integrity related risks.


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Global Intelligence Network

Our collaborative & global approach has led to the creation of an extensive and growing Global Integrity Intelligence Network, including key stakeholders from across the sports integrity landscape. We facilitate confidential and free of charge exchange of information and alerts between this community.

Through access to our intelligence network sporting bodies have increased awareness and insight of issues relating to betting on their competitions, building on our baseline of betting and performance monitoring to create a purposive and actionable counter to integrity threats both in terms of prevention and detection.

Our Intelligence Unit adopts the principles of the UK National Intelligence Model enabling us and our clients to share information effectively, identify risks, and prioritise resources accordingly.

Intelligence Products and Services

We use industry leading IBM i2 Intelligence Management software to securely store intelligence from our global network, enabling our analysts to uncover previously hidden links and trends between matches, players, clubs, coaches, and match officials. This enables us to produce:

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