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Enhance Your In-Game Coverage and Digital Engagement With Opta Predictions

Advances in AI, informed by historical performance, is enabling us to better predict the outcomes of major sporting competitions. Opta Predictions is changing the way audiences interact with content, boosting live engagement and unlocking new opportunities to increase eyeballs on your daily coverage.

Opta Predictions: Generating Highly Engaging Multi Channel Content

Sports predictions fuel passionate discussion and debate, between pundits and fans alike. This is why content focusing on early season tips, pre-match predictions and interactive fan polls have been a staple of sports coverage for decades.

Until recently these predictions have been driven by subjective opinion – however thanks to powerful predictive AI modelling, it is now possible to use a combination recent and historical on-field performance to better measure the probability of the most likely outcome of a fixture or competition.

Available across a wide range of sports, Opta Predictions is changing the way predictions are used in the lead up to a sporting event and in-game, with predictions dynamically updating after key actions. So whether you are looking to debate the winner of the title race, the team most likely to avoid relegation or how the latest goal has impacted the chances of a team winning, Opta Predictions is providing the insight to underpin highly engaging content for you audience.

Simulating Key Events To Better Predict Final Outcomes

Stats Perform’s predictive AI models are trained on millions of individual Opta data points from decades of historical, in-season and in-game data. Opta Predictions also leverages implicit signals to account for the “wisdom of the crowd” that drives global betting markets.

Each Opta Predictions model learns continuously from different events which impact results. The model then simulates the final outcome of matches tens of thousands of times, to attribute the overall probability of a player or team winning the next point, game or overall competition.

The models adjust and transform with data inputs of all kinds, including:

  • Game location and conditions – home advantage, time of day and match type.
  • Team-specific data – team strengths and weaknesses, historical matchup performance and more recent matchup performance.
  • Player-specific data – player strengths and weaknesses, historical and recent match performances.
  • Game State – current score, time remaining and regular time vs extra-time

Add a New Dimension to Your Coverage With Opta Predictions

Opta Predictions In Action

The Opta Supercomputer

The Opta Supercomputer is how the world of sport refers to our Opta Predictions. These AI predictions are powering in-game narratives across a wide range of sports, providing context to the moments that matter to add to the drama.

A growing number of broadcasters, publishers and rights holders are recognising the value of Opta Predictions to incorporate new dimensions to their coverage – helping them stand out from the crowd – in relation to telling new stories, delivering unique OTT features and providing fans with engaging and interactive visualisations on websites.

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