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Opta Stories

Publish fully-brandable swipeable sports stories inside your app or site, with built in monetisation opportunities

Hundreds of competitions available including:

Capture, deeply engage and monetise sports audiences inside your product

Opta Stories merges captivating Opta content with the visual and highly tappable web stories format, directly on your own platform. Now you don’t require additional resources to become the destination for your fans during live games, improve your site metrics and grow your revenues.

  • Automate real-time visual sports storytelling
  • Offer full-screen, branded content experience
  • Display immersive social-style formats inside your platform
  • Expand your transactional, advertising and sponsorable inventory

“Stories are rapidly becoming the leading mobile format for engagement”

The Drum

Built-in features to generate transactional, advertising and sponsor revenue through Opta Stories

Better monetise your fans and turn views into revenue with Opta Stories built-in advertising features.

  • Bring Stories into your own branding and build your community
  • Insert advertisements that open new revenue channels for your sponsors
  • Add custom CTA’s and shoppable links to grow transactional revenue

Leverage the power of stories on your own ecosystem with endless content opportunities

Opta Stories has 16+ templates for you to publish across your chosen sport, helping you create more content pre-game, live and post-game. Content like:

  • Formation graphics posted as soon as teams are announced
  • Half-time Head-to-Head stats that make your site the place to be during the break
  • Post-game player statistics that your fans will flock to
A crowded basketball stadium

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