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Performance Integrity Analysis

Our deep data and analytics tools allow us to conduct a unique level of integrity analysis focused on team, player and match official performance.


Stats Perform Integrity

Applying Performance Analysis to Integrity

Our deep data allows us to conduct a unique level of integrity analysis focused on team, player and match official performance. This means matches can be understood in even greater detail and that understanding can be utilised in the investigations process.

Investigations of player and team performance combine quantitative data and qualitative video analysis to help develop an objective, thorough and transparent understanding of a match. Insights generated from this analysis contribute to multi-layered integrity investigations, identifying on-field actions or players of concern, comparing patterns of play to betting market support, dissecting tactics and playing styles, and providing video evidence to support conclusions.

We provide this service to federations and international governing bodies in different sports. The service has assisted investigations into betting related match-fixing and spot-fixing, and into the manipulation of results for sporting purposes.

Player & Team Performance Analysis

Supporting integrity by bringing context to a match

Our rich granular data offers an additional layer of analysis that can bring contextual elements on team and player performance and help us to understand a match in greater detail.

Advanced metrics such as expected goals, player error stats and PPDA metrics deepen our understanding of how team or player performance in a match deemed suspicious compares to an average performance.

By combining our unparalleled detailed data with our own betting market monitoring service, intelligence and expert video analysis, we can provide rights holders with a detailed and nuanced match view to support their investigations.

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How does it work?

Deep Data, Advanced Metrics and AI Capabilities Employed To Provide Deeper Context To a Match

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