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LaLiga and Stats Perform: A Partnership Built on Integrity

By: Stats Perform

Stats Perform are proud to be the official integrity partner of LaLiga. Both partners are committed to a unique collaboration that ensures the highest level of integrity monitoring and support across all tiers of the Spanish football pyramid, and one that supports the continued success of LaLiga across the world.

As part of the collaboration, Stats Perform supports LaLiga’s Integrity Department with monitoring and intelligence of the global betting markets in order to identify and analyse potential match integrity violations, including match-fixing. LaLiga are the first football body to develop their own in-house betting monitoring capability and the partnership with Stats Perform means each match is overseen more rigorously than ever before by two expert teams. From an investigative best practice standpoint, this allows not only for analysis to be checked and challenged but also to be corroborated with even more confidence.

Stats Perform adds to betting market monitoring by incorporating data from Opta and information from Stats Perform’s global intelligence network of betting operators and industry stakeholders to give an unparalleled depth of insight into events on the pitch and betting market activity, supporting LaLiga’s work to ensure the integrity of their competitions.

Stats Perform has supported LaLiga in two successful anti-match fixing operations, one that centred around match-fixing in Segunda B and the Tercera División, and another that identified suspicious activity between SD Huesca and Nastic, in what would famously become known as Operation Oikos. In late 2019, the Spanish National Police, with the support of Europol’s experts on sports corruption, arrested a number of individuals in connection with match-fixing and money laundering during the second phase of Operation Oikos.

The success of these operations demonstrates how betting market analysis and intelligence can aid investigations, as well as how organisations such as LaLiga and Stats Perform can work together and with law enforcement to deliver successful results. Watch the video below for an overview of this partnership.

“LaLiga has always trusted data, especially official data. LaLiga has had a very good relationship with Stats Perform since we signed our first agreement three years ago and we feel very happy with how it’s working. [Our] relationship is based on trust. That is why we signed the agreement, which to date has been very positive.”

Melcior Soler, Audiovisual Director, LaLiga

The collaboration between LaLiga and Stats Perform over the past two and a half years has been a great example of how a leading sports organisation and private business can work together in the best interests of protecting the integrity of sport. We look forward to continuing our work with LaLiga and to incorporating new services such as our Performance Integrity Analysis into the project going forward.”

Jake Marsh, Stats Perform’s Global Head of Integrity

Stats Perform works with rights holders, betting operators and sports integrity stakeholders discreetly and collaboratively to protect their sports against corruption.

As a sports technology business, Stats Perform have a vested interest in the integrity of sport, which is fundamental to long-term value and growth. As such, Stats Perform works transparently with a genuine focus on the integrity of both rights holder content and its distribution, as well as the game itself.

Find out how Stats Perform Integrity can work with you to safeguard your sport and protect its long-term value.