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The Complete Fantasy Sports Solution

Powerful automation, flexible data feeds, multimedia content, and more to power your cutting-edge fantasy sports solution.

Available for Major Competitions, Including

Powering Fantasy Games Around the Globe

The Ideal Fantasy Partner

Long-time data consumers to first-time fantasy providers will enjoy our comprehensive suite of fantasy-focused tools and applications. Drive engaging and meaningful fantasy discussions with our unmatched depth and breadth of historical and live data. Delight fans by delivering eye-catching visuals with our easy to use, sport-focused, graphic design platform. Reach new audiences through content automation generated from our powerful artificial intelligence.

Data to Power Fantasy Destinations

Bespoke software to collect detailed in-game data, live

We use advanced software to record the action to the highest level of detail, live, for a range of sports, enabling performance staff to apply insight and intelligence to enhance performance and inform decision making.

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Play Stats Perform's Ultra-Fast Opta Feeds Power Fanslide's Fantasy Experience
Stats Perform's Ultra-Fast Opta Feeds Power Fanslide's Fantasy Experience (00:54)

Prompting Gamer Engagement

Predictions, Selections, valuations, and More

AI-derived predictive data is enabling creators of fantasy games to generate new ways of engaging with its players.

  • Team and player predictions (pre-match and in-game)
  • Influence player valuations
  • In-game predictive analytics
  • Enhance weekly engagement

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Streamlining Content Production

Deliver content at scale and Uncover the story faster

Bring your audience a level of insight others are unable to provide with reports created by Stats Perform’s expert journalists.

Highly detailed match and player insights, pre-game player notes, and more can be used to help your editorial staff better preview upcoming matchups and write long-form content that prompts gameplay.

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Expanding Digital Footprints

Bespoke Content Written at Unmatched speed and Quantity

PressBox Content is the latest in NLG from Stats Perform. Generated with our own proprietary NLG software, we’ve introduced several new data feeds which provide pre-game, post-game, and live automated narrative to support and augment your existing coverage at scales unmatched on a human level. Across all competitions and sports, PressBox Content produces millions of pieces of content a year.​

  • Pre-Game – Previews
  • Live – Insights
  • Post-Game – Recaps, Bios

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Create a Richer Digital Experience

Give your audience an experience that keeps them engaged before, during and after every game.

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