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International Tournament Coverage Through Opta

Covering football’s largest international tournaments in full detail

Opta delivers the most cutting-edge and detailed data on every pass, tackle, save and goal from all of the teams and players from the World Cup, providing valuable insight that will both excite and engage fans and audiences globally across a variety of platforms.

Ranging from real-time data feeds through to fully customisable widgets and bespoke editorial services, Opta can provide a fully comprehensive data service whilst also offering innovative next generation including advanced metrics, augmented data and predictive analytics.

Opta has analysed every single World Cup fixture from 1966 onwards, allowing you to compare the performance of the greatest players, relive the greatest moments and analyse team performance from all of the tournament’s winners.

It’s all part of the service…

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Give your audience an experience that keeps them engaged before, during and after every game.

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