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Interactive Case Studies for the Award-Winning Instant Highlights


Five interactive case studies for our award-winning Instant Highlights Bet LiveStreams feature. In our guide we show real-life examples of how sportsbooks including bet365, Superbet and Goldbet use the product in creative ways to make every live stream mean more to their customers.

By: Zaid Khan

to view the case studies click here

Instant Highlights is Stats Perform’s award winning live streaming feature which turns streaming from a passive into active experience.

It allows bettors to re-watch events such as goals, shots on target, penalties, exciting points in tennis and more for thousands of matches across our football and tennis live streaming portfolio.

In our short guide you can experience how different operators use Instant Highlights to make betting more entertaining.


to view the case studies click here


If you have any questions about this product or want to discuss any ideas for how your sportsbook could use it – get in touch with us.

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