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The Next Generation of Smart Stats Overlays™ Has Arrived

By: Zaid Khan

Our Smart Stats Overlays™ feature in our Bet LiveStreams product was created to help sportsbooks add value to their livestreams by displaying Opta-powered contextual insights for bettors. It makes every live stream mean more and helps bettors make more confident in-play betting decisions.

We’ve recently undertaken a comprehensive design upgrade to our entire suite of overlays to bring broadcast quality visuals to the sports betting experience. This re-design coincicided with userability testing and feedback sessions with operators in some cases leading us to re-design from the ground-up how we display information to make it consumable quickly, easily and clearly.

“This is great – because it’s information you don’t really see in one place like this anywhere else”. 

This upgrade is important. One sportsbook operator using Smart Stats Overlays™ has seen significant improvement in the time spent by users on their event pages, with growth of average session duration per stream increasing by more than 50%. With these upgrades, we expect this to rise even further.

You can explore the designs and animations for all our football and tennis overlays below, including information on when they appear in-play and what betting markets they help your customers make more informed betting decisions on.

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In-Play Betting Insights

Good for: Results markets, cards markets, win either half markets, team shots markets, home and away markets, and more

Displays when: A particular event (goals, tackles, foul, bookings) occurs to give data-driven context to bettors.

Player And Team Shots

Good for: Player shots markets, player goals, next goal-scorer, team shots, team goals, and more.

Displays when: Seconds after a player takes a shot, we inform your bettors detailed information about their shot tallies so far in the match. We also provide detailed team shots statistics when a player from either team has a crack at goal.

Player And Team Fouls

Good for: Outright Player Fouls and Card markets

Displays when: Moments after a foul is committed by a player, we inform your bettors about the updated foul count of the player, including the total in-play foul count for both teams.

Player And Team Tackles

Good for: Player Fouls, Cards, Tackles, and Team Tackles markets

Displays when: Any time a player tackles an opponent, we inform your customers about their in-running total of tackles, in addition to a total count of the tackles made by both teams during the match.

Player Offsides 

Good for: Player Offside and Team Offside markets

Displays when: Moments after a player is flagged offside, your customers will be able to see the total of how many times said player has been caught offside during the match.

Team Corners

Good for: Team Corners markets

Displays when: Before a player from either team delivers a corner into the box, bettors are informed about the total in-play count of corners for both teams.

Player Passes Leaderboard

Good for: Player Passes and Assists markets

Displays when: Every 100 passes in a match, see the most involved players in our easy to understand passes leaderboard.



In-Play Betting Insights [Match And Player Level]

Good for: Sets markets, service markets, games markets, tie-break markets, point markets, and more.

Displays when: A particular event occurs (big points won/lost, games won/lost, sets won/lost, fouls) and gives bettors contextual, data-driven insight into how the rest of the match might unfold.

Big Point Conversion Rate 

Good for: Outright results, sets and games markets

Displays when: A player converts a big point to win a game or set. It informs bettors about the percentage rate at which both players have won big points during the match.

Win Probability

Good for: Results Markets

Displays when: A match enters the decisive sets. It informs bettors about which player has the greater probability of winning a match and how that could change if either player wins the next big point.

Momentum Shift

Good for: Results, games, and sets markets.

Displays when: A player increases their win probability by winning a big point at any stage during a match. Higher the importance of the points won by a player, greater the switch in momentum will be. It informs bettors about an immediate shift in momentum and how that could affect the result of the next game and the set as a whole.

Momentum Shift Over Last 10 Points

Good for: Results, games, and sets markets.

Displays when: There is a sustained shift in momentum after winning important points in a particular set over the last 10 points for either player. It informs bettors about the change in momentum in a particular set.

Momentum Tracker Over Last 10 Points

Good for: Results, sets, and games markets.

Displays when: A player increases their win probability by bouncing back to win important points at any stage in a match over the last 10 points. This informs bettors about the changing flow of the match and how it could influence the final result.

We’re excited to see the impact our revamped Overlays will have in improving bettors’ live streaming experiences on your sportsbook.

If you’d like to customise these overlays designs please get in touch and we can provide information on our easy-to-use API and best practise approaches to design to help you speed up your time to market.

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