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In-Depth Analysis Powered by Data, Backed Up By Video

ProVision is the football industry’s leading advanced analytics platform, empowering you to conduct detailed analysis by interrogating our extensive Opta football database.


Identify Underlying Tactical Insights to Inform Match Preparation

Analyse Performance Through the Prism of Your Game Model

Team and opposition analysis is built around the key principles of your club’s playing philosophy. ProVision has been developed to empower you to build personalised metrics, derived from different event qualifiers, allowing you to analyse teams and players against KPIs relevant to each on-field role.

  • Build data equations incorporating multiple events, qualifiers and metrics
  • Generate bespoke stats which take into account contextual elements of a game, including XY pitch coordinates, game state and the match clock
  • Incorporate tracking data outputs, from your domestic competition, into your bespoke metrics
  • Pull customised content via an API straight into coding platforms to streamline offline workflows


Interrogate Predictive Opta Vision Metrics

A wide range of AI metrics are integrated into ProVision, providing deeper insights which enable you to incorporate predictive analysis during player and team evaluation.

  • Predictive metrics, including Expected Pass Completion (xP), Expected Threat (xThreat), Pressure Intensity and Line-Breaking Passes, provide deeper insight into a player’s passing performance
  • Expected Goals, Expected Assists and Carries can be filtered and displayed on exportable pitch map and radar templates
  • Stats Perform’s sequence framework enables analysts to compare a team’s approach, with and without the ball, using possession outputs and sequence path graphics
  • All metrics are linked to video, which can be viewed directly from events plotted on pitch maps


Build Your Own Data-Powered Dashboards

To enhance the way your insights are presented across the club, ProVision allows you to build different dashboards, displaying customised data visualisations, for different use cases.

All visualisations displaying on these dashboards, together with your detailed data reports, can be exported from ProVision and shared with colleagues across departments.

  • Benchmark performance data from previous seasons to add further context to current performance
  • Filter metrics by multiple event, season, in-game and biographical criteria
  • Save all of your reports in an online archive, enabling them to be re-run following each matchday and downloaded in both spreadsheet and Json formats


Review Video From Multiple Angles

To ensure your data analysis passes the eye-test, video is timestamped alongside all Opta player and team events, providing further context to data insights.

Footage can also be downloaded and added to central playlists, enabling you to build out detailed video archives for different teams throughout the campaign.


SUCCESS STORY: real betis

Interrogating Data to Drive Analysis

For the past five years, Real Betis have been using ProVision to support their weekly analysis cycle.

In this case study, the club’s Head of Data Analysis, Alvaro Arranz, outlines how the club is working with data to assess the performance of each upcoming opponent, as well as inform the post-match analysis of their own matches.


Let’s Talk About Supporting Your Analysis Processes

Find out how our tools can help you further optimise your analysis processes and have a positive impact on coaching practices at the training ground.