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The Demo Series: SmartRatings


Qualify excitement with SmartRatings.

See how a dynamic, AI-powered ratings tool allows you to help users make more entertaining sports choices for almost any sport.

Used by: OTT providers, technology giants, social media outlets, broadcasters, and more.

By: Mike Leon

Demo Series – SmartRatings

Make content discovery for any sports fan simple and exciting

Director of US Media Products & Strategy, Mike Leon, and Senior Product Lead Bryan Ziebelman talk all things SmartRatings in this episode of the Demo Series.

Learn how SmartRatings helps any fan find the right match to watch with our proprietary excitement rating, live headlines and real-time alerts, helping your fans figure out what game to watch and when at any time of the day.

Available for: All major global sports and competitions.

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The Demo Series - Smart Ratings (09:13)

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With a multitude of entertainment options for consumers to engage with, Smart Ratings guide fans to sport broadcasts and streams with personalized excitement ratings based on fan’s team preference and live game indicators such as: total score, number of lead changes, and player milestones.

  • Help fans make more excitement-based viewing decisions on what matters – their entertainment.
  • Alert fans when a match or game gets exciting to get them to tune-in and engage.
  • Tell the story of the match with concise headlines and Live Play Insights.

Check Out The Demo Series

Each Demo Series video features a ~ten-minute deep-dive into a Stats Peform product or service, cohosted by one of our product experts. Learn more about how Stats Perform’s products, powered by Opta data, help teams, broadcasters, publishers, sportsbooks and more entertain fans and dominate their respective markets.