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The Demo Series: Opta Voice

Adding voice to written content and engaging fans on-the-go.

Hear from our experts on how integrating AI synthetic voice, delivered at-scale, helps bring accessibility to international sports coverage, expands outlets’ reach and presents a new way for fans to interact with content.

Used by: sports producers, publishers, broadcasters and outlets looking to add a new dimension to sports coverage

By: Stats Perform

Watch our latest product demo

Opta Voice: Localised, Automated, Voiced Sports Content for all Match Phases

In this episode of The Demo Series, Mike speaks with Herb Mueller, Go-to-Market Strategist about our proprietary synthetic voice technology, Opta Voice. This brand-new product makes it easy to add thousands of life-like match previews, live match commentaries and player bios to your platform.

Our proprietary data and technology in partnership with Veritone, automatically creates voiced content at a scale never seen before.

  • Engage audiences in voices they recognise with personalised audio output.
  • Widen your offering to include ways fans can take your coverage with them on-the-go.
  • Reach new fans by delivering the sports they love in their preferred language.
  • Expand to untapped markets and deliver more leagues and competitions to fans worldwide.

Available for: Global football with more sports coming soon

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Play The Demo Series - Opta Voice
The Demo Series - Opta Voice (06:55)
Opta Voice

A Voice for Every Phase of the Match

Tell fans what they need to know before kick-off, give live commentary and update listeners on the day’s sporting events – and do it all with no additional resources or effort required.


Hear how Opta Voice can Bring Audio to Almost any Platform

Whether you want to add audio to your written articles, start a podcast or engage fans far and wide, Opta Voice is the perfect complement to nearly any solution. Explore the uses of Opta Voice and hear how adding sound enhances your sports content, regardless of platform.

00:48 Opta Voice for Written Articles
01:42 Opta Voice for Radio
01:11 Opta Voice for Podcasts
02:07 Opta Voice for TikTok
Play Opta Voice for Written Articles
Opta Voice for Written Articles (00:48)
Play Opta Voice for Radio
Opta Voice for Radio (01:42)
Play Opta Voice for Podcasts
Opta Voice for Podcasts (01:11)
Play Opta Voice for TikTok
Opta Voice for TikTok (02:07)

Check Out The Demo Series

Each Demo Series video features a ~ten-minute deep-dive into a Stats Peform product or service, cohosted by one of our product experts. Learn more about how Stats Perform’s products, powered by Opta data, help teams, broadcasters, publishers, sportsbooks and more entertain fans and dominate their respective markets.